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Checklist for supporting employees experiencing family and domestic violence 

You can use this checklist to work out what you need to do to: 

  • Must do – things to do to meet your obligations. 
  • Good to do – things to do to become a best practice workplace. 

Must do 

  • We understand our work health and safety obligations including to manage the risk of family and domestic violence at the workplace. 
  • Our payroll system (if we have one) is set up to ensure employees accessing paid family and domestic violence leave are paid at the full rate of pay.   
  • Our payroll system is set up to ensure that pay slips do not identify leave as family and domestic violence leave. 
  • We have robust processes to ensure confidentiality requirements are met, including in our payroll system and confidential records regarding leave taken. 

Best practice 

  • We have a family and domestic violence policy. It covers how employees are entitled to 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave upfront each year.    
  • We have a flexible working arrangements policy, which clearly identifies eligibility for employees experiencing family and domestic violence. 
  • We consider strategies for supporting victim-survivors as well as responses to perpetrators. 
  • We provide information to our team about family and domestic violence, which includes practical information and is safe and easy to access.  
  • We foster a positive and supportive workplace culture which allows our team members to feel safe and to ask for help.  
  • We educate our managers to recognise the warning signs of distress and to have important conversations about their health and wellbeing.  

For further advice on family and domestic violence see 1800RESPECT or call 1800 737 732.

For further advice about your workplace rights or information about how to deal with workplace disputes, refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman or call 13 13 94.