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We are dedicated to providing an inclusive and accessible online experience for all users. To achieve this, we have designed and developed our website in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. These guidelines are internationally recognised standards for web accessibility, helping to ensure that people can access and use our website effectively. 

This includes working to ensure our content is: 

  1. Perceivable: We have implemented various features to enhance the perceivability of our content, such as providing alternative text for images, captions for videos, and clear headings for easy navigation. 
  2. Operable: Our website can be easily operated by different input methods, including keyboard navigation. This includes skip links to bypass repetitive content and provided focus indicators for interactive elements. 
  3. Understandable: Our goal is to make our website content and navigation understandable to all users. We have used clear and concise language, organised content with proper headings, and provided descriptive links. 
  4. Robust: Our website follows web standards and uses clean, valid HTML and CSS code to ensure compatibility across different browsers and assistive technologies. 

Additional Accessibility Measures 

  • In addition to the key features mentioned above, we have taken the following steps to further enhance the accessibility of our website: 
  • Implemented specific colour contrast to ensure readability for users with visual impairments. 
  • Designed responsive layouts to accommodate various screen sizes and devices, making our website accessible on mobile devices and tablets. 
  • Provided ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes to enhance the accessibility of certain dynamic and interactive elements. 
  • Ensured proper keyboard focus and interactions for users who rely on keyboard navigation. 

Contact Us 

If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improving the accessibility of our website, please contact us through our contact form.